Dr. Brian Kushner :   Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (N.Y.)  Specializes in treatment of pediatric DSRCT     Link

Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research :  DSRCT Research       Link                              


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials.gov :  Search for DSRCT clinical trials     Link

Rapamycin (Sirolimus) : Study shows that it might kill DSRCT tumors     Link

ACOR Association of Online Cancer Resources - Clinical Trials http://www.acor.org/clinical.html

CenterWatch: http://www.centerwatch.com/

Clinical Trials Search: http://www.clinicaltrialssearch.org/index.html

NIH Clinical Center: http://clinicalstudies.info.nih.gov/



PubMed : (National Library of Medicine)  Search for published articles about DSRCT     Link

Article on life after care giving: Link


General Cancer

American Cancer Society : General cancer info.   Types, treatments, coping, message boards, etc.     Link

Assoc. of Cancer Online Resources : Support groups, searchable archives     Link

CancerGuide.org : Informative guide written by a cancer patient      Link

Chemocare.com : Info about chemotherapy      Link

National Cancer Institute :  General cancer info.   Types, treatments, prevention, coping, support, etc.     Link

National Cancer Institute : Order free cancer publications here     Link

Sarcoma Alliance : General sarcoma info.   Links, discussion groups, etc.     Link

Chemo Angels : Group that unites cancer patients with volunteers who would like to do nice things for them      Link

Healthopedia.com: List and information on various types of cancers    Link




Dr. Keith Block :  Block Medical Center (Evanston, Ill.)    Oncologist who stresses nutrition     Link

Cancer Diets : Diets suggested by several doctors and nutritionists     Link


Complementary Therapies

QuackWatch.org :  Search for info on questionable alternative treatment and products     Link

Herbs & Botanical Products : Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (N.Y.) info page     Link

Anvirzel / Oleander / Xenavex :  Extract of the oleander plant     Link

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) - Option to remove liver tumors.     Link

Precision Radiation (IMRT, SBRT, Cyberknife) - This might be an option to surgery     Link

Nanotechnology       Link



Richard Spencer's DSRCT Page : Great source for DSRCT information     Link

Drugs and Treatments :  Options that DSRCT patients have in common     Link


Free Airfare for Patients

Free Travel      Link


Miscelaneous Links

Civil Rights of Students     Link





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